Dragons of Atlantis Fire Dragon Egg Guide

In Dragons of Atlantis, a Fire Dragon Egg is required to build a Fire Dragon Outpost. Outposts are designed to give players of Dragons of Atlantis additional means of obtaining resources, housing troops, training troops, and also allows for another powerful Elemental Dragon at the players disposal for attacks and war. The Fire Dragon Egg is one of three requirements in building a Fire Dragon Outpost and this guide will show you how to quickly get on your way to building another outpost and expanding your empire.
The Fire Dragon Outpost also unlocks a special type of soldier called the Lava Jaw, a very formidable addition to any Dragons of Atlantis army.

Where to Find the Fire Dragon Egg

A Fire Dragon Egg can be found by defeating a level 7 or higher mountain and including either your Great Dragon, Water Dragon, or Stone Dragon. You must have created a Water Dragon Outpost and a Stone Dragon Outpost before attempting to farm for a Fire Dragon Egg.

Attack in Waves

The drop rate for the Fire Dragon Egg has increased significantly once the requirement of having a Dragon with each attack was put into place. However, it still make take quite a few attacks before the Fire Dragon Egg drops. If you have all of the armor for your Water Dragon and Stone Dragon (if not, check out my guides for getting those), it will double or triple the speed in which you can find a Fire Dragon Egg.

  1. Make sure all of your Wilderness slots are full. If you cannot control another wilderness, once your troops attack the level 7 or higher mountain, they will turn straight around and come back to your city. This eliminates the need to choose to recall the troops (and your Dragon).
  2. Choose a level 7 or higher Mountain wilderness close to your city.
  3. Send an attack (1,200 longbow men and a Dragon will do the trick).
  4. If you have another dragon to send, send an additional attack at the same Mountain.
  5. Repeat until you find a Fire Dragon Egg.

Fire Dragon Egg Found!

Once you find your Fire Dragon Egg, go check out my Fire Dragon Outpost Guide and put that Fire Dragon Egg to use!

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